"Alone, deep in thought at Ocean Beach."
Photo by Henry Lee (fotoeins)

Monday, May 22, 2017


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The causes of loneliness are many:

Death - of a loved one can decimate a person with loss, grief, and loneliness.  Depression often sets in which only acerbates the loneliness.

Aging - as we get older, we lose friends and relatives. Our circle of people we know and cherish gets smaller, and we can become isolated.

Divorce - many times one no longer can keep the same friends one had when they were married.  It can be a major lonely adjustment not having someone to come home too.

Not Fitting in - can often start in high school or earlier. From this time period, one can become accustomed to or expect others to reject them; setting oneself up for loneliness.

Social Media/Cell Phones -  relying on social media and texting for companionship is not only superficial, but can be damaging, and have long lasting negative affects.

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